Banjo III: Clawhammer - Calliope

Fall 2017

Mondays, 8:15-9:45

Banjo III: Clawhammer

September 25-November 13

Instructors Janet and Mike Reing

Clawhammer III will introduce banjo students to more advanced and sometimes subtle rhythmic, melodic, and phrasing techniques that will enhance their playing skills and enjoyment while expanding their repertoire. Various playing situations including playing solo, playing while singing, playing in duos and small groups, jam session playing, and playing for dancers will be covered. Note that there are two 4-week sessions of this class scheduled for fall semester. These sessions will be designed so that a student will benefit a good deal from attending either session or both sessions. Prerequisite: Clawhammer II or permission from the instructors.

Banjo III: Clawhammer Part 1

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