Fiddle I - Calliope

Fall 2017

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM

Fiddle I

October 3 - November 21

Instructor: Mark Tamsula


Fiddle I

No experience is necessary, coordination and a good ear is helpful. A fiddle is the same instrument as a violin, the distinction comes from the background of the music, and the rules (or lack of ) regarding how it is played. Learn to play fiddle by starting with some simple old tunes. In an over simplified way, fiddling is a lot like learning how to sing. You make a note sound, then move your fingers up or down a string to find the next. The bow is moved ( like pushing out breath ) and you can sustain the tone. However, don’t be in a big hurry, the coordination required to handle the bow well takes a long time. Speed is not the most important thing, critical factors are keeping the bow moving perfectly straight, and smooth. The way you move is the way you sound. If you already play mandolin ( they are tuned the same ) you will have some left hand experience that may be useful, but you still have to deal with the fact that the fiddle has no frets!

For class you must bring a fiddle (violin) and a bow in playable condition. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you have it checked by a reputable dealer. This course will be taught by ear with some written study aids provided. Students are strongly urged to bring a recording device and something to write with. The instructor will also provide a practice cd ( for an extra $5 ) that has all the tunes covered in Fiddle I and Fiddle I Repertoire.

Note to violinists: Often students with many years of violin training are interested in learning the subtleties of the fiddling style and wish to join these classes. I welcome the participation, but I will always maintain a pace that suits the beginners who have only just started.

Level:  Complete Beginner

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