Fiddle II Repertoire: Jam Session Tunes - Calliope

Fall 2017

Tuesdays, 8:15-9:45 PM

Fiddle II Repertoire: Jam Session Tunes

October 3 - November 21

Fiddle II Repertoire: Tunes of SW Pennsylvania
Instructor: Mark Tamsula

Our corner of Appalachia was once a hot bed of traditional fiddle tunes. Thanks to Samuel Bayard, the tunes of over 100 local fiddlers were preserved, and are now available for us to play again. Learn tunes from Sarah Armstrong, Emery Martin, Irvin Yaugher Jr., and others.

This course is recommended for fiddlers with at least one year experience, who already know the basics of playing the fiddle in different keys and can acquire new tunes on a weekly basis.

While emphasis is placed on learning by ear rather than reading music, students are encouraged to identify the notes being played by name ( D, E, F#,.. etc. ) This becomes an increasingly important part of managing a sizable class and communicating the lessons effectively. Admittedly, learning the notes by name is not for everyone, the instructor will do his best to accommodate all.

The instructor provides a practice cd ( for an extra $5 ) that has all the tunes covered in class.

Note to violinists: Often students with many years of violin training are interested in learning the subtleties of the fiddling style and wish to join these classes. I welcome the participation, but I will always maintain a pace that suits the beginners who have only just started.

Level: One year experience, and the ability to learn new tunes quickly.

Best preparation is to take Fiddle II.

Fiddle II Repertoire: Jam Session Tunes

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