Grand Performers List - Calliope

Grand Performers List


Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series (Oakland)
9/24/16           John Hammond
11/12/16        Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys and The Stray Birds
12/03/16        The Subdudes
01/28/17        Hot Club of Cowtown
02/25/17        Altan
04/01/17        David Lindley (The Turpentiners, opener)
04/27/17        An Evening with Tom Rush with special guest, Matt Nakoa
05/06/17        Loudon Wainwright III

40th Anniversary Benefit Concerts
10/09/16        The Taj Mahal Trio
5/21/17           Tom Paxton and the DonJuans

The Roots Cellar Series (Shadyside)
10/27/16        Trout Fishing in America with special guests Dana Louise
and the Glorious Birds
11/04/16        Pittsburgh Songwriters Annual CD Release Party
11/17/16        De Temps Antan
02/03/17        The Six
03/03/17        Mark & Maggie O’Connor
04/13/17        The Way Down Wanderers

08/13/16        Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus Summer Event
Series Bluegrass Festival, multiple performers (Gibsonia)
08/17/16        The Six, in collaboration with Pittsburgh Center
for the Arts (Shadyside)
08/18/16        First Thursdays Music at Schenley Plaza, Cindy Harris,
John Sarney and Friends, Steel City Ukes (Oakland)
09/09/16        A Fair in the Park (Mellon Park, Shadyside)
09/30/16        Joan Shelley, in collaboration with Andy Warhol Museum
(North Side)
02/11/17        Valerie June, in collaboration with Andy Warhol Museum
(North Side)

*More collaborations to be determined throughout the upcoming season


Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2015-2016
09/26/15        Eliza Gilkyson, Gretchen Peters and Mary Gauthier:
Three Women and the Truth
10/10/15        Valerie June with special guest, Anthony D’Amato
11/21/15        Livingston Taylor and EVA
12/05/15        The Hillbenders present The Who’s TOMMY;
A Bluegrass Opry
01/23/16        Eric Bibb (The Blue Orphans, opener)
02/27/16        De Temps Antan
03/19/16        Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem
04/16/16        Suzanne Vega (The Honey Dewdrops, opener)

Fall Fundraiser at Carnegie Lecture Hall
10/25/15        Jorma Kaukonen (Ernie Hawkins, opener)

Spring Fundraiser at Carnegie Lecture Hall
05/07/16        Leo Kottke 40th Anniversary Concert

Roots Cellar Series 2015-2016
09/17/15        Mac Martin & The Dixie Travelers Farewell Concert
10/15/15        Ronny Cox
11/12/15        Vance Gilbert
12/11/15        Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD Release
02/28/16        Radoslav Lorkovic
02/04/16        The Way Down Wanderers
03/23/16        The Kruger Brothers
05/19/16        Darrell Scott
06/23/16        The Gibson Brothers

06/21/15        Make Music Pittsburgh, The Steel City Ukuleles, Gerald Rolf and Chris Rolf, Adam KM, Derek Gabrish, Schenley Plaza (Oakland)
07/02/15        First Thursdays Music at Schenley Plaza, Donna Occipinti, Bruce Hoffman, Derek Gabrish (Oakland)
08/01/15        Bombino, The Rex (South Side)
08/06/15        First Thursdays Music at Schenley Plaza, Cathasaigh, Chris Rolf, Monique Neuenshwander (Oakland)
08/22/15        Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus Summer Event Series; Bluegrass Evening with The Allegheny Drifters, John Mackin and Ron Mesing (Gibsonia)
09/03/15        Tal National with Mathew Tembo, The Thunderbird Café (Lawrenceville)
09/11/15        A Fair in the Park, Heather Kropf, Gerald Rohlf, Cathasaigh, Ortega Fuerte/Chris Rolf, Mellon Park (Shadyside)
10/11/15        Brian Price, RAD Days, The Pittsburgh Zoo (Lawrenceville)
02/10/16        Noura Mint Seymali and ATS, The Thunderbird Café (Lawrenceville)
03/04/16        Kevin Burke, Aspinwall Presbyterian Church (Aspinwall)
03/12/16        An Evening with Lizz Wright, August Wilson Center
(Downtown) in partnership with Kente Arts Alliance
04/09/16        Carrie Newcomer, First Unitarian Church (Shadyside)
04/14/16        The Barefoot Movement, The Thunderbird Café (Lawrenceville)
04/23/16        Fanfare Ciocarlia, Spirit Hall (Lawrenceville)
04/30/16        Ritchie Stearns and Rosie Newton, The Thunderbird Café (Lawrenceville)
06/02/16        First Thursdays Music in Schenley Plaza, Brian Junker, Penny Anderson and the Shape Note Singers, Devilish Merry (Oakland)


Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2014-2015
10/18/14        The Duhks
11/1/14           Danny Schmidt & Darling Side
11/21/14        Janis Ian
12/5/14           John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
1/31/15           Tribute to Leadbelly: with Josh White Jr., Rev. Robert B. Jones and Radoslav Lorkovic
3/28/15           Cathie Ryan Band
4/11/15           Bela Fleck with Abigail Washburn
4/25/15           Sherman Holmes Project

Roots Cellar Concerts 2014-2015
9/25/14           Elis Paul
10/9/14           Spuyten Duvil
10/23/14        Long Time Courting
3/19/15           Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion with Harpeth Rising
5/3/15              Tom Russell

Emerging Legends Series 2014-2015
9/5/14              Janice Coppola
9/12/14           Brad Yoder
9/26/14           Suzanne Ortner-Roberts
10/3/14           David Michael King
10/9/14           Rachel B
10/24/14        Tracy Drach and Eve Goodman
10/31/14        Geese in the Bog
11/7/14           Jay Hitt
11/14/14        African Music and Dance Club
11/21/14        Ben Hartlage
1/9/15              Squirrel Hillbillies
1/16/15           Ferla-Marcinizyn guitar duo
1/23/15           Roger Zahab & Jennifer Sternick violin duo
1/30/15           Ferrous Blue (Al Bowers and Jocie Ghaznavi)
2/6/15              James Robertson
2/13/15           Gregg Welty
2/20/15           Yamoussa Camara Drum and Dance
2/27/15           Kei Rush Trio
3/6/15              Lorens Chuno trio
3/19/15           Pitches and Tones
3/27/15           Sue Borowski
4/3/15              Phil and Steve



Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2013-14
10/26/13        Vieux Farka Toure
11/16/13        Blue Highway
12/7/13           Bruce Cockburn
1/25/14           True Blues
3/8/14              Karan Casey
3/27/14           Jake Shimabukuro
4/5/14              Steel Wheels
4/26/14           Martha Redbone

Roots Cellar Series 2013-14
9/19/13           Tim Farrell Christoper Mark Jones 10/3/13
10/10/13        Honey Dewdrops
11/1/13           Songwriters Circle
11/21/13        Comas
12/12/13        Christine Lavin & Uncle Bonsai
1/30/14           John Gorka
2/13/14           Mollie O’Brian & Rich Moore
3/20/14           Hey Mavis
3/27/14           Kruger Brothers
4/3/14              Del Rey
5/2/14              Common Threads
5/8/14              Blues and BBQ Fundraiser

Emerging Legends 2013-14
9/13/13           Bill Weiner
9/20/13           Judith Avers
9/2/13              Joy Ike
10/4/13           Susanne Ortner Roberts & Doug Levine
10/10/13        Eve Goodman & Tracy Drach
10/18/13        Erika May
10/25/13        Jay Hitt
11/1/13           Jon Banuelos
11/8/13           Fiddlin’ Slim
11/15/13        Celtic Shores – Sue Borows
11/22/13        African Music and Dance Club
1/9/14              Roger Zahab & Jim Ferla
1/16/14           Geese in the Bog
1/23/14           Brad Yoder
1/30/14           Broken Fences
2/7/14              Susanna Ortner-Roberts & Mark Strickland
2/13/14           Peter King
2/21/14           Puro Queso Jazz Quartet
2/18/14           Coppola & Day
3/6/14              Lorens Chuno
3/21/14           Jay Hitt
3/28/14           Pitches & Tones
4/3/14              Squirrel Hillbillies
4/11/14           Phil & Steve

Collaborations 2013-14
7/13                   Phil and Steve
8/13                   Christopher Mark Jones
8/13                   Al Fresco Picnic- Hillman Library
11/15/13        Alash Ensemble
11/24/13        Sunday Gravy Show -Frank
11/27/13        Bombino
1/19/14           Sunday Gravy Show- Ritchie & Sterns
2/23/14           Sunday Gravy Show- Hamell on Trial
3/14/14           Kevin Burke & Cal Scott
6/19/14           The Roustabouts
7/27/14           The Early Mays




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2012-13
09/15/12        Steve Earle with Charlie Mar
10/06/12        The Travelers-(opener AppalAsia)
11/17/12        Campbell Brothers
12/15/12        Decembersongs
01/19/13        Peter Yarrow with Mustard’s Retreat
02/09/13        The Seldom Scene (with opener Gordon Neidinger and Gary Antol)
03/09/13        Lúnasa-(opener Cállan)
04/20/13        Mary Flower and Colin Linden

The Roots Cellar Series 2012-13
10/12/12        Joybox Express with Billy Price
11/20/12        Tom Russell
11/30/12        Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD Release Part 1
12/07/12        Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD Release Part 2
01/31/13        Lucy Kaplansky
02/14/13        Jay Hitt
03/07/13        Steel Wheels
03/22/13        Common Threads
04/23/13        Scott Ainslie

Emerging Legends Series 2012-13
09/14/12        Garden Gate
9/20/12           Joy Ike
9/28/12           Callan
10/05/12        AppalAsia
10/11/12        Jeff Miller
10/19/12        Lorens Chuno
10/26/12        Jay Hitt
11/02/12        Susanne Orter-Roberts & John Marcinizyn
11/09/12        Cathasaigh
11/16/12        RichPatrick
11/30/12        Brenda Jean
1/11/13           Squirrel Hillbillies
01/18/13        African Music & Dance Club
01/25/13        Christopher Mark Jones
2/01/13           Broken Fences
02/07/13        Nancy Deckant & David Michael King
02/15/13        Dan Possumato, Vince Burns & Kathy Fallon
02/22/13        Jon Banuelos & friends
03/08/13        The Early Mays
03/29/13        The Pitt Overtones
04/05/13        Phil Smith & Steve Weber
04/11/13        Ben Hartlage

09/24/12        Fanfare Ciocarlia
10/03/12        Huun Hurr Tu

Harmonica Workshop with Clint Hoover (winter & spring)
Irish Tune Repertoire with Vince Burns (spring)




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2011-12
10/15/11        The Kruger Brothers
11/05/11        The Refugees
11/19/11        Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band
12/10/11        Catfish Keith
1/21/12           Christine Lavin with Special Guest Zoe Lewis
02/25/12        Samite
03/10/12        Dervish
04/14/12        Pat Donohue & Mike Dowling

Opening Acts 2011-12
10/15/11        The Allegheny Drifters
11/05/11        Jay Hitt
11/19/11        Mac Martin and The Dixie Travelers
12/10/11        Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers
03/10/12        Callan
04/14/12        Phil Smith & Steve Weber

The Roots Cellar Series 2011-12 (formerly named “Calliope Center Stage”)
9/22/11           Vance Gilbert
09/27/11        Tom Russell
10/06/11        Ray Bonneville and Andy Friedman
10/20/11        The Honey Dewdrops
11/17/11        Mustard’s Retreat & Garnet Rogers
12/2/11           Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD Release Party
02/17/12        Common Threads
03/01/12        John Gorka
03/29/12        Genticorum
04/19/12        Grianne Hambly & William Jackson
04/17/12        Cheryl Wheeler

Emerging Legends 2011-12
09/09/11        Brad Yoder
09/16/11        Nancy Deckant
09/23/11        Joy Ike
09/30/11        A.T.S
10/07/11        Jeff Miller
10/14/11        Jay Hitt
10/21/11        AppalAsia
10/28/11        Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh
11/04/11        Brenda Jean
11/11/11        Dennis McCurdy and Howard Davidson
11/18/11        Jennie Kay Snyder and Bruce Hoffman
12/02/11        Too Tall Americanos
01/06/12        Squirrel Hillbillies
01/13/12        John Rodgers
02/03/12        Joy Ike
02/10/12        The Parker Sisters
03/02/12        RichPatrick and Sue Borowski
03/23/12        Steve Gallo and Donna Occhipinti
03/30/12        Phil Smith and Steve Weber
04/06/12        Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers
04/13/12        Garden Gate; Ellen Gozion and Penny Anderson

Collaborations 2011-12
07/10/11        Khaira Arby
08/20/11        The Honeycutters
08/28/11        Vieux Farka Toure
09/21/11        Sidi Toure
11/21/12        Tinariwen w/ Sophie Hunger and Centipede E’est
03/24/12        Si Kahn
02/07/12        Meklit Hadero
04/11/12        Bombino




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Series 2010-11
9/25/2010      John Hammond w/ Daryl Fleming
10/23/2010   Tom Rush w/ Carol Lee Espy
11/20/2010   Ken Whiteley & The Levy Sisters, with Joy Ike
12/11/2010   Geoff Muldaur & Jim Kweskin w/ Brett Howland
1/22/2011     Harry Manx w/ Gordon Neidinger Trio
2/26/2011      Red Horse w/ Andina & Rich
3/5/2011        Solas w/ Corned Beef & Curry
4/16/2011      Patty Larkin w/ Merrie Amsterburg

Educational Outreach 2010-11
Guitar Summer Camp —7/12, 7/13/, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 2010
Percussion Summer Cam—p  8/2, 8/3, 8/4, 8/5, 8/6
Guitar Summer Camp —8/16, 8/17, 8/18/2010
Percussion Summer Camp—  8/9, 8/10, 8/12, 8/13/2010
Worlds of Percussion in-school program- 4, 5 grade—9/17/10-5/31/11
Roots of Rock in-school guitar program- 6, 7 8 grade—9/16/10-5/31/11
Pitt Arts Workshop (John Hammond) —9/25/2010
Pitt Arts Workshop (Ken Whiteley & The Levy  Sisters) with Peter King—11/20/2010

Emerging Legends 2010-11
11/5/2010      Ronni & Al
11/12/2010   Parker Sisters
11/18/2010   RichPatrick
12/3/2010      Eve Goodman
1/14/2011      Squirrel Hillbillies
1/21/2011      Brenda Jean
1/28/2011      Jay Hitt
2/4/2011        The Moonlighters
2/11/2011      Joy Ike
2/18/2011      Mike Strasser
2/25/2011      The Overtones
3/4/2011        T. Mitchell Bell
3/18/2011      Samoan Cats & The Plat Maps
3/25/2011      Phil Smith & Steve Weber
4/1/2011        Jeff Miller
4/8/2011        Sue Gartland & Jordan Umbach
4/15/2011      Emily Rodgers

Calliope Center Stage Concerts 2010-11
9/16/2010      Red Molly
11/11/2010   The Wiyos
12/3/2010      Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release
12/15/2010   DecemberSongs
1/13/2011      Calliope School Showcase
1/27/2011      Boilermaker Jazz Band
2/10/2011      The Turpentiners with Emily Rodgers
3/24/2011      Calliope School Showcase
3/31/2011      Boulder Acoustic Society
4/21/2011      Ellis Paul
4/29/2011      Ernie Hawkins Band
6/9/2011        Calliope School Showcase

Collaborations 2010-11
7/10/2010      Üsztürü
9/22/2010      Ronny Cox with Tom Breiding
9/25-26/10    Mother Earth News Fair
9/28/2010      Sound Series: Van Dyke Parks, with Clare & The Reasons
10/8/2010      Ordo Sakhna
10/11/2010   The Hot Seats
11/3/2010      Hot Club of Detroit
12/17/2010   Bert Jansch with Pegi Young
2/14/2011      Huun Huur Tu
2/22/2011      Khaira Arby
5/26/2011      Alash with Appalasia
6/8/2011        Heveder

Other Events 2010-11
10/2/2010      Scott Ainslie House Concert
4/16/2011      Patty Larkin Songwriting Workshop




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series, 2009-10
10/17/09        The Klezmatics (opener: Neil Jacobs)
11/7/09           Jill Sobule & Mia Dyson
12/5/09           The Ebony Hillbillies (opener: The Lackawanna Longnecks)
1/23/10           Richie Havens with special guest Harry Manx
2/13/10           Cheryl Wheeler (opener: The Turpentiners)
3/6/10              Mick Moloney’s Green Fields of America (opener: Maho Snaps)
4/10/10           Music from the Crooked Road: Mountain Music of Virginia

Outreach 2009-10
Worlds of Percussion in-school program, Grades 4 & 5–09-10 school year
Roots of Rock in-school guitar program, Grades 6, 7, 8–09-10 school year
Boys & Girls Club Workshop, Guitar (with Emily Pinkerton)—12/1/09
Guitar Workshop at The Ebony Hillbillies Intermission (with Emily Pinkerton)—12/5/09
Pitt Arts Workshop, American Roots Revival (with Emily Pinkerton)—11/22/09
Pitt Arts Workshop, Old-time–12/5/09
Dulcimer Workshop at Cheryl Wheeler Intermission (with Bob Fagan)—2/13/10
Boys & Girls Club Workshop, Guitar (with Emily Pinkerton)—3/1/10
School Assembly with Corey Harris & Phil Wiggins—3/26/10
Pitt Arts Workshop, Blues—3/27/10
Guitar Workshop at Harris & Wiggins Intermission (with Emily Pinkerton)—3/27/10
Music from the Crooked Road Workshop—4/10/10

Calliope Emerging Legends Series, 2009-10
9/25/09           Tom Breiding
10/7/09           Emay & David Michael King
10/21/09        Sue Powers, Jeff Berman & Kip Ruefle
11/4/09           Caleb Lovely
11/18/09        Mulefactory
12/2/09           Parker Sisters
1/6/10              Peter King
1/20/10           Emily Rodgers
2/3/10              Joy Ike
2/17/10           The Weathered Road
2/24/10           Pairdown
3/17/10           Women of the House
3/31/10           Phil Smith & Steve Weber
4/14/10           The Wreckids

Calliope Center Stage Concerts 2009-10
9/25/09           The Mavens
10/23/09        Grand Opening with Ernie Hawkins Band
11/16/09        The Wiyos
12/17/09        The Hot Seats
1/5/10              Calliope School Showcase & Community Jam
2/5/10              Ernie Hawkins Band
3/11/10           Emily Rodgers & Lohio
4/22/10           Rolling Roots Revue
4/30/10           Eliza Gilkyson
6/10/10           Calliope School Showcase & Community Jam
6/25/10           Mon River Ramblers

Collaborations 2009-10
7/12/09           Tukros Hungarian Folk Ensemble
7/17/09           Mike Dowling
7/18/09           Guitar Workshop with Mike Dowling
7/27/09           The Horse’s Ha
8/20/09           Holy Ghost Tent Revival
8/23/09           The Clumsy Lovers
9/12/09           King Wilkie
9/24/09           Hoots & Hellmouth
10/30/09        Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
11/2/09           Warsaw Village Band
11/10/09        Scythian
11/11/09        Harper Simon (opener: Emily Rodgers)
11/28/09        Asylum Street Spankers
1/9/10              Boulder Acoustic Society (opener: The Beagle Brothers)
1/16/10           The AppalAsian Trio
3/12/10           Alash Ensemble (opener: The AppalAsian Trio)
3/19/10           Chirgilchin
4/8/10              Aztec Two Step
5/22/10           Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters (opener: The Armadillos)
5/29/10           Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade (opener: Phat Man Dee)
6/2/10              North Sea Gas (opener: Hooley)

Other Events 2009-10
8/28/09           House Concert with Dan Navarro
12/31/09        First Night, Calliope Stage
3/7/10              Stacey Earle & Marc Stewart
4/17/10           House Concert with Del Rey
4/18/10           Master Guitar Workshop with Del Rey
4/18/10           Ukulele Workshop with Del Rey




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2008-09
10/25/08        The Infamous Stringdusters (opener Mon River Ramblers)
11/22/08        Mavis Staples: A Tribute to Mahalia Jackson (opener Artistic Youth Ambassadors of Pittsburgh)
12/13/08        Tim O’Brien (with special guest Todd Burge)
1/17/09           Leo Kottke (with special guest Ernie Hawkins)
2/14/09           The Wiyos & Joel Mabus
3/7/09              Tommy Sands & His Irish Band (opener Fiddlers Two)
3/21/09           Greg Brown with special guest Bo Ramsey
4/18/09           Vance Gilbert & Ann Rabson

Collaborations 2008-09
10/24/08        A Tribute to Utah Phillips, with The First Unitarian Church Folk Orchestra
11/26/08        Paul Geremia House Concert, with Acoustic Music Works
11/20/08        Ellen Gozion & Friends, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System
12/6/08           Bruce Molsky, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System
1/15/08           Phil Smith & Steve Weber, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System
2/13/08           Joel Mabus, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System
3/19/09           Carol Palmer & Friends, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System
4/16/09           Emily Pinkerton & Friends, with Univ. of Pittsburgh Library System

Other Events 2008-09
7/5/08              The Threepenny Opry, featuring Dave Wells
7/9/08              Rootz Festival Kick-off, featuring Mike Seeger
7/9/08              Rootz Festival Kick-off Dinner
7/12/08           Rootz: The Green City Music Festival
Featuring: Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, Steve Forbert, Ernie Hawkins Band, Pittsburgh Songwriters Project, Lohio, Mon River Ramblers, Road to the Isles, Hooley, Lackawana Longnecks, Artistic Youth Ambassadors of Pittsburgh, Peter King & Marc Reisman, John & Wendy Mackin, Devilish Merry, Mark Weakland, George Kantor, Mike & Janet Reing, Steve Pellegrino, Jack Erdie, Rolling Scones
7/12/08           The Threepenny Opry, featuring Robert Wagner & T. Mitchell Bell
9/24/08           Blues at the Crossroads featuring Cephas & Wiggins
9/24/08           Blues & BBQ Dinner with The Monongahela Sheiks
9/24/08           Pittsburgh Songwriters Project CD Release
12/6/08           House Concert featuring Bruce Molsky
12/6/08           Bruce Molsky Fiddle Workshop
12/6/08           Bruce Molsky Banjo Workshop
12/6/08           Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release
2/15/09           House Concert featuring Joel Mabus
3/28/09           Hoots & Helmouth
5/6/09              House Concert featuring Jack Williams
5/28/09           The Hot Seats

Outreach 2008-09
Worlds of Percussion in-school program, Grades 4 & 5–9/17/08-5/31/09
Roots of Rock in-school guitar program, Grades 6, 7, 8–9/16-08-5/31/09
Rootz: The Green City Music Festival, Children’s Tent—7/12/08
Featuring: Hands All Around, Devilish Merry, Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra—Youth Ensemble, Ian & Amy of the Zany Umbrella Circus, Charlie & Daphne, Amy Garbark (silk-screening)
Pitt Arts Workshop, Blues (with Professor Phil Smith)—9/25/08
School Assembly with Cephas & Wiggins—9/25/08
School Assembly with Cephas & Wiggins—9/25/08
Pitt Arts Workshop, Singer-Songwriter (with Mark Weakland & Mike Wilkin)—3/21/09




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series
10/20/07        The Roches (with special guest Alice Stewart)
11/3/07           The Greencards (opener Dave Shellow)
12/8/07           Alejandro Escovedo (openers Emily Pinkerton & Cristian Amigo)
1/19/08           Chris Smither (opener Heather Kropf)
2/16/08           Carolina Chocolate Drops (opener Rachel Eddy)
3/1/08              Andy Stewart & Gerry Obeirne (opener Bruce Foley)
3/29/08           Roger McGuinn (opener Anne Feeney)
4/26/08           Jean Ritchie & John McCutcheon

Other Events 2008-09
9/30/07           Blues & BBQ Fundraising Dinner
9/30/07           Blues at the Crossroads, featuring Del Rey & Steve James
11/17/07        A Harvest Feast of Folk Music Dinner
5/1/08              House Concert featuring Scott Ainslie
5/2/08              House Concert featuring Scott Ainslie
5/3/08              Guitar Workshop with Scott Ainslie
5/15/08           Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release Party
6/26/08           Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release Party

Outreach 2007-08
Calliope School Teacher Showcase—9/5/07
Emily Pinkerton & Cristian Amigo Guitar Workshop—10/07
After-school guitar program (Julie Harris)–10/1/2007-5/1/2008
Pitt Arts Workshop, Contemporary American Music (Jeff Berman & Sue Powers)—11/3/07
Calliope Outreach Instructor Performance at Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (Jeff Berman & Sue Powers)—11/1/07
Calliope Outreach Instructor Performance at Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (Sue Powers)—11/8/07
Calliope Outreach Instructor Performance at Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (Jeff Berman)—11/15/07
Calliope Outreach Instructor Performance at Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (Heather Kropf)—11/29/07
Calliope Outreach Instructor Performance at Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (Steve Pellegrino)—12/6/07
Pitt Arts Workshop, Blues (Peter King)—12/19/07
After-school percussion program (Kip Reufle)—Fall semester, 2007
After-school percussion program (Kip Reufle)—Spring semester, 2008
Pitt Arts Workshop, Old-time music and clogging (Mark Tamsula & Angelle Geyette)—2/16/08
School assemble program and hands-on workshop (Emily Pinkerton & Cristian Amigo)—3/28/08
Artist in Residence CD Release Concert (Cristian Amigo)—3/30/08
Boys & Girls Club Percussion Workshop—4/3/08
Boys & Girls Club Old-time Guitar & Banjo Workshop—4/4/08
Calliope School Student/Teacher Showcase—5/8/08

Collaborations 2007-08
3/7/08              Akron/Family (opener Megafaun), with The Warhol Museum
11/16/07        Film Screening of Bound to Lose and performance by The Velocity Ramblers, with The Warhol Museum
6/8/08              Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, with The Ligonier Theater




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2006-07
10/21/06        John Jorgenson Quintet, with Johnny Staats & Robert Shafer
11/10/06        Richard Thompson, with Kris Delmhorst
12/2/06           The Wailin’ Jennys, with Mick Martin & Rick Malis
1/13/07           Guy Davis & Mary Flower
2/17/07           Robin & Linda Williams, with The Allegheny Drifters
3/3/07              Buille, with Eve Goodman
3/31/07           Guy Clark & Slaid Cleaves
4/21/07           Eliza Gilkyson & Tom Russell

Other Events 2006-07
9/30/06           Blues at the Crossroads, Scott Ainslie, Emily Pinkerton
9/30/06           Blues & BBQ Dinner, with Bill Locke, Phill Smith, Steve Weber
10/1/06           Blues Guitar Workshop with Scott Ainslie
11/17/06        Local Artist Showcase (John Hayes, Southwind, Ben Hartlage, Balkan Babes, Peter King, George Salamacha & Nancy Deckant, Tangueros de Ley, Sue Gartland, Jeff DeSantis, Charlie Anderson, Robert Wagner, Sue Powers, Heather Kropf, Sam Flesher & Dave Hart)
12/9/06           Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release Party (Dan Bench, Howard Davidson, Peter Donovan, Bruce Hoffman, Nancy Deckant, George Kantor, Dennis McCurdy, David Wells, Cathasaigh, Sue Gartland, Randy Hoffman, Jack Knight, George Salamacha, Another Country with DJ Danger)

Outreach and Other Collaborations 2006-07
Collaboration with Warhol Museum, Joanna Newsom—11/11/06
Collaboration with Warhol Museum, Jack Rose & Peter Walker—11/19/06




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2005-06
10/15/05        Tommy Emmanuel, with Carol Lee Espy
11/19/05        Andy Statman, with Jeff Berman & Jim DiSpirito
12/10/05        Del McCoury Band, with David Long & Mike Compson
1/21/06           Odetta, with St. Bede’s Choir
2/25/06           Paul Rishell & Annie Raines, with Monongahela Sheiks
3/18/06           Flook, with Ellen Gozion
4/22/06           Tom Rush, with 3 Bricks Shy

Calliope Legends–Unitarian Church, Shadyside 2005-06
10/29/05        Ken Waldman with Mark Tamsula & Don Shean
10/29/05        Workshop: Ken Waldman with Mark Tamsula, Don Shean, Devilish Merry
1/28/06           Lee Murdock
2/18/06           Burr Beard & LE McCullough, with Devilish Merry
2/18/06           Workshop: Burr Beard & LE McCullough, with Devilish Merry
3/4/06              Lorna Bracewell
3/25/06           Isla
4/8/06              Coyote

Other Events 2005-06
11/11/05        Calliope Open House, with Monongahela Sheiks, Hooley, Bill Locke
12/9/05           Calliope Songwriters Circle CD Release (Jonathan Ritz, David Wells, Andy Tinker, Sue Gartland, Robert Wagner, Dan Bench, Randy Hoffman, Howard Davidson, John Hayes, George Kantor, Patti Spinner, David LaRose, Peter Donovan, Jack Erdie)
2/26/06           Fundraising House Party, with Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
5/15/05           Appalachian Spring Dinner
5/12/06           30th Anniversary Party (Ernie Hawkins, Emily Rodgers, Boca Chica, Emily Pinkerton, George Kantor, Jack Erdie, Mark Tamsula & Friends, The Mavens, Strangers in this Land, Eve Goodman, NewLanders)
5/16/06           Calliope School Showcase, various artists

Outreach and Other Collaborations 2005-06
Outreach concert at Beechwood Farms, with Devilish Merry—9/05
Outreach concert at Boyd Community Center, with Devilish Merry—10/05
Collaboration with Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra, Butch Baldassari—11/5/05
Pitt Arts Workshop, Klezmer Music—11/19/05
School presentation at Propel Schools, with Devilish Merry—2/17/06
School presentation at Kentucky Ave. School, with Devilish Merry—2/17/06
Pitt Arts Workshop, Blues Music—2/25/06
Collaboration with Silver Eye Center for Photography, John Cohen Film Screening/Q&A, with The Lackawanna Longnecks—3/9/06
Pitt Arts Workshop, Irish Music—3/18/06




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2004-05
10/16/04        Two High String Band, with Tim & Elise
10/19/04        Doc Watson & David Holt
12/11/04        David Bromberg, with Fitzgerald & Beach
1/22/04           Sheila Kay Adams, with Hutch & Dave
2/12/04           Alvin Youngblood Hart, with Brad Yoder
3/12/04           Karan Casey Band, with The Rolling Scones
4/16/04           The Waybacks, with Sue Powers & Jeff Berman

Backporch Ballroom 2004-05
7/30/04           Coal Train, Brew House
10/1/04           Asylum Street Spankers, Brew House
4/22/05           The Wilders, Brew House

Music in the House 2004-05
7/11/04           The Wilders, Lawrenceville
7/25/04           Wammo, Highland Park

Calliope at the Rex 2004-05
7/14/04           The Mammals, The Rex Theatre

Calliope at La Prima 2004-05
1/28/05           Jay Hitt & Friends, La Prima Espresso
3/25/05           John Hayes & Friends, La Prima Espresso
4/29/05           Robert Wagner, La Prima Espresso
6/24/05           Confluence, La Prima Espresso

Calliope Legends–Unitarian Church, Shadyside 2004-05
11/5/04           Kate Long & Robin Kessinger
11/6/04           Kate Long Storytelling Workshop
11/6/04           Robin Kessinger Flatpicking Guitar Workshop
1/29/05           Mindy Simmons
2/19/05           Kreg Viesselman
3/19/05           Mojo Collins
4/23/05           Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
6/4/05              Rachel Allen

Outreach and Other Collaborations 2004-05
The Incredible String Band, with Spires that in the Sunset Rise (Warhol Museum),
Hazlett Theater–10/22/04
Paul Rishell & Annie Raines (Pittsburgh Blues Society), Frick Fine Arts–12/4/04
Paul Rishell Workshop (Guitar), Frick Fine Arts—12/5/05
Annie Raines Workshop (Harmonica), Frick Fine Arts—12/5/05
Joanna Newsom, with Tan or Boil (Warhol Museum), Warhol Theater—3/4/05
Doc Watson Workshop with Mike & Janet Reing, Carnegie Lecture Hall—11/19/04
Blues Workshop with Phil Smith & Steve Weber, Univ. of Pittsburgh—2/12/05
Devilish Merry, Heinz History Center—5/1/05
Lackawana Longnecks (Allegheny Recovery Fair, Market Square)—5/11/05
Fitzgerald & Beach (Allegheny Recovery Fair, Market Square)—5/12/05
John McCamm, Bob Banerjee, Todd Hartman (Allegheny Recovery Fair, Market
Hillbilly Idol (The Appalachians Opening Reception), Rex Theatre—6/9/05





Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2003-04
9/20/03           Gillian Welch
10/25/03        The New Lost City Ramblers, with Brett Howland
11/22/03        The Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour
1/17/04           Roy Book Binder, with Ernie Hawkins
2/21/04           Juggernaut Jug Band, with Great American Gypsies
3/20/04           Lunasa, with Mike Gallagher
4/17/04           Mike Marshall & Darol Anger, with The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

Benefit Concert, Carnegie Music Hall 2003-04
5/21/04           Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, with Jeff Austin & Chris Castino

Outreach and Other Collaborations 2003-04
Bradley Festival, Hartwood Acres–8/03
Allegheny County Fair, East Liberty–8/31/03
Donna the Buffalo with Jim Lauderdale (Flavorville), Kendrew’s, Aliquippa–12/6/03
Richard Smith (Guitar Society), PNC Recital Hall, Duquesne Univ.–12/6/03
NewLanders & The Wheeling Park H.S. Bluegrass Band (First Night)–12/31/03
D.C. Fitzgerald–Lunchtime performance (Pitt Arts)–2/15/04
Del Rey & Steve James (Collings Guitars & Acoustic Music Works), Frick Fine Arts–5/15/04
Del Rey & Steve James Workshop (Collings Guitars & Acoustic Music Works)–5/16/04
Lackawanna Longnecks (Allegheny Co. Coalition for Recovery), Market Square–5/19/04
John McCamm & Todd Hartman (A. Co. Coalition for R.), Market Square–5/20/04
D.C. Fitzgerald & Bob Beach (A. Co. Coalition for R.), Market Square–5/21/04
Road to the Isles, CD Release Party, James St. Tavern/North Side–6/4/04

Backporch Ballroom 2003-04
7/6/03              Mike Compton & David Long, Lawrenceville
8/23/03           Swing Gitan, Brew House
11/21/03        Asylum Street Spankers, Brew House
4/9/04              Mike Compton & David Long, The Pink Building
5/7/04              David Davis & The Warrior River Boys, Brew House

Calliope Legends–Unitarian Church, Shadyside 2003-04
11/14/03        John Roberts & Tony Barrand Concert
2/7/04              Bob Franke Concert (Frick Fine Arts)
2/7-8/04         Bob Franke Songwriting Workshop (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
4/2/04              Dan Levenson Concert & Dance
4/2/04              Dan Levenson Workshop
5/8/04              Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Concert
5/8/04              Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Workshop

Workshops 2003-04
11/22/04        Woody Guthrie Workshop (Pitt Arts)
1/25/04           D.C. Fitzgerald–Blues Guitar Workshop (Pitt Arts)
2/1/04              Ernie Hawkins–Blues Guitar Workshop (Pitt Arts)
2/12/04           Jug Band Workshop with Steve Weber & Phil Smith (Pitt Arts)
3/24/04           Irish Music Workshop with Kathy Fallon (Pitt Arts)




Calliope Concerts at Soldiers and Sailors Auditorium: 2002-03
9/21/02           Mickey Hart and Bembe Orisha

Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 2002-03
10/26/02        Saffire—The Uppity Blues Women
11/9/02           The Sam Bush Band
12/14/02        Boys of the Lough
1/25/03           Scott Ainslie
2/12/03           Ladysmith Black Mambazo
3/1/03              Patrick Street
3/29/03           Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem

Outreach and Other Collaborations 2002-03
Jam Grass—8/4/02
Bradley Fest
Fair in the Park—9/7/02 – 9/8/02
Hillbilly IDOL
Monongahela Sheiks
Venez Au Bal
Folk Orchestra
Rank Strangers
New Morning
The Dog Run Boys

Rodan and Milo Pullman, Club Café—10/8/02
Donna the Buffalo and Jim Lauderdale, The Emerald Room, McKees Rocks—11/2/02

Backporch Ballroom 2002-03
Hi Tone String Ticklers–Two shows on 10/19/02
Old Crow Medicine Show–11/22/02 Brew House Performance Space

House Concerts — Unitarian Church, Shadyside 2002-03
9/14/02           Soup Kitchen
Soup Kitchen Workshop
11/8/02           Debby McClatchy




September 22 Benefit Concert for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund 2001-02
October 20      Dixie Hummingbirds (Gospel)
November 2    Geoff Muldar (Blues)
January 17       Danu (Irish)
February 9      Northern Lights (Bluegrass)
March 16         David Mallett (Singer/Songwriter)
April 20            Alison Brown Quartet (Bluegrass/Jazz/Latin)
Large Venue Concerts
May 23              A Reunion of Old and In The Way (Bluegrass)
December 5    Landmine Free World Concert (Singer/Songwriter)

Emerging Legends Concert Series 2001-02
January 19      Lee Murdock (American Folk)
February 26   Carol Eagleheart (Native American Indian)
March 2            Brendan Bulger and Billy Knox (Celtic)
December 14 Duck Baker and Woody Mann (Blues)

Workshop Series 2001-02
January 19      Lee Murdock (Guitar and Songwriting)
February 26   Carol Eagleheart (Songwriting Master Class)
March 2            Brendan Bulger (Fiddle)
March 2            Billy Knox (Guitar)
December 13 Duck Baker (Guitar)
December 13 Woody Mann (Guitar)

Back Porch Ballroom Series 2001-02
December 7    The Asylum Street Spankers provided the musical accompaniment
to the silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr. at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. The Allegheny Rhythm Kings performed between screenings.
March 21         Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show (Alt Country)
April 26            Jenny and the Pine Tops (New Grass)
April 19            Hot Club of Cowtown (Swing)
May 11              Paul Geremia (Blues)
June 22             Larry Keel Experience (Bluegrass)

Free to the Public—Special Events 2001-02
September 7   Rank Strangers and Coal Train performed in front of the Harris
Theater before each viewing of the film Down From the Mountain.
October 19      Dr. Zolten’s lecture and a performance by the Dixie Hummingbirds at the Heinz History Center
January 26      Remembering Pat Travis: An Evening of Song concert to benefit the Radio Information Service

First Night Artists 2001-02
Heidi Hart Hawaiian Dance Group
Rank Strangers
Jody Abbott (& Carnival of Souls)
Emcees: Alan Irvine, Sean Miller




Calliope Acoustic Masters Series (Carnegie Lecture Hall)
September 2   Altan (Irish)
October 21      Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott with About Time (Bluegrass)
December 9    Fancha (Afro-Brazillian)
January 20      John Jackson and Pat Donohue (Blues)
February 1      Slaid Cleaves and Susan Werner (Singer/Songwriter)
March 24         John Hartford Trio (American Old Time)
April 28            Nashville Mandolin Trio (International Mandolin Styles)

Calliope Concerts at Carnegie Music Hall 2000-01
November 2    Peter Rowan, Peter Rice, Iris Dement (Folk Masters)
May 18              Jorma Kaukonen, Michael Falzerano and Arlo Guthrie — (Folk Masters) –

Emerging Legends Concert Series 2000-01
November 11 Ceoltoiri (Irish Gaelic)
December 4    Cambio Libre (Cuban)
April 14            Jim Hurst and Missy Raines (Bluegrass)
May 12              David Grier and Matt Flinner (Acoustic Jazz with Bluegrass)

Country & Classic Blues Concerts 2000-01
February 13   Andy and Larkin Cohen (Blues)
June 30             D.C. Fitzgerald and Bob Beach (Blues)

Workshop Series 2000-01
November 11 Ceoltoiri (Vocal Workshop)
December 4    Cambio Libre (Drumming and Dancing)
April 14            Jim Hurst (Guitar)
April 14            Missy Raines (Bass)
May 12              David Grier (Guitar)
May 12              Matt Flinner (Mandolin)

First Night Artists 2000-01
Heather Kropf
Mark Dignam
Monongahela Shieks
Emcees: Scott Pavelle, Mike Kennelly




Calliope Concerts at Carnegie Music Hall 1999-00
9/18/99           Mollie O’Brien with Len Kovalsky
10/16/99        Utah Phillips
12/11/99        Tom Paxton
1/15/00           Cehpas & Wiggins
2/19/00           Cathie Ryan
3/25/00           Freighthoppers
4/8/00              The Savoy Cajun Band
5/19/00           Emmylou Harris

First Night Artists 1999-00
Fire on the Mountain
Steve Suarez
The Balkan Women’s Singing Group (Balkan Babes)
Common Threads
Emcees: Scott Pavelle, Mike Kennelly




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 1998-99
9/26/98           Richie Havens with The Monongahela Sheiks
10/24/98        Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group and John McCutcheon
12/5/98           House Band with Michael & Carrie Kline
1/16/99           Showcase
Djambone, Second Wind, Brad Yoder, Steel Impressions
2/20/99           Dave Van Ronk and Rosalie Sorrels
3/20/99           Dervish
4/10/99           Cheryl Wheeler and Vance Gilbert
5/20/99           Doc Watson and the David Grisman Quintet

23rd Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–6/11-12/99
Salamander Crossing
Beth Nielson Chapman
Hot Matzohs
Beaver Creek
Garnet Rogers
Road to the Isles
Mustard’s Retreat
Ernie Hawkins and Friends
African Drum and Dance Ensemble
The Wyrd Sisters

First Night Artists 1998-99
Tom Cunningham
Jay Hitt
Blackberry Winter
Bluegrass on Rye
Emcee: Robert Wagner




Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 1997-98
9/27/97           The Armstrongs with Fitzgerald & Beach
10/18/97        June Tabor with Huw Warren & Mark Emerson; Les Barker, Amarillis
12/13/97        David Holt
1/17/98           Dry Branch Fire Squad with South Wind
2/21/98           John Sebastian
3/21/98           Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill with The Folan Family
5/9/98              The Nashville Bluegrass Band with Len Kovalsky
6/6/98              Leon Redbone
Roseanne Cash

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium 1997-98
3/20/98           Paul Rishell & Annie Raines

22nd Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–6/19-21/98
Paul Epstein and the Trusty House Band
Grand Bon Rien
Lucy Van Sickle
Hooley with Maggie and Sally Folan
Lackawanna Longnecks & Turkey Hollow Cloggers
Swing Shifters
South Wind
Four Bitchin’ Babes




Concerts at Calliope House 1996-97
9/15/96           James Keelaghan
10/27/96        Pete & Maura Kennedy
11/10/96        Nightingale

Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 1996-97
9/28/96           Iris DeMent with Mac Martin and the Dixie Travellers
10/19/96        Samite with Drums of West Africa in America
11/23/96        Kevin Burke’s Open House with Dave Krysty & Allegheny Ridge
12/14/96        Brave Old World with Steel City Klezmorim
1/25/97           John Hammond with Ernie Hawkins
2/22/97           Ralph Stanley with Beaver Creek Band
3/22/97           Nomos with Baltinne
4/19/97           La Bottine Souriante with Gemini 28

21st Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–6/6-8/97
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travellers
Coal Country Cloggers with Beaver Creek Band
Lonesome River Band
Debbie McClatchy
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
George Balderose & Friends
Songwriter’s Circle (James Hovan, Robert Wagner, Sam Flescher)
Miguel’s Latino Moods
Jabali Afrika
Dog Run Boys
Henry Shapiro & Swing Fever
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Quartet

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium 1996-97
7/20/97           Del Rey and Mary Flower
11/2/96           Ari Eisinger



Calliope Carnegie Lecture Hall Series 1995-96
9/23/95           Richie Havens with Lucy Van Sickle
10/28/95        Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin with Dwayne Thorpe
11/18/95        Tarika with City Theater
12/10/95        Boys of the Lough with George Balderose & Friends: A Celtic Christmas
1/27/96           Boozoo Chavis with Temujin
2/24/96           The House Band with Mike Gallagher
3/23/96           Muzsikas with Balkan Women’s Singing Ensemble & Otets Paissi Bitov Band
4/20/96           Laurie Lewis & Grant Street with Dog Run Boys

20th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/31-6/9/96
North Fork Rounders
Steeleye Span with Hooley
John Benedict
Guaranteed Irish
Dwayne Thorpe
Ernie Hawkins & Rodger Montgomery
Coal Country Cloggers & Beaver Creek Band
Saffire–Uppity Blues Women
Caribbean Vibes Steel Band
George Balderose
Richard Hughes
Mary Conroy & Bridget Regan
Maddie Conroy–6/1/96




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1994-95
9/24/94           Rory Block with The Dancing Demons
10/9/94           Lou & Peter Barryman
10/21/94        Battlefield Band with Richard Hughes
11/12/94        Ad Vielle Que Pourra with Queen Anne’s Lace
1/14/95           Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
3/25/95           Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys with PGH International Folk Theatre
4/22/95           Altan

Calliope Concerts at Rosebud 1994-95
3/26/95           Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys

Calliope Concerts at Carnegie Library 1994-95
4/5/95              Calliope Sampler
Dolores Heagy, Barb Frederking of Coal Country Cloggers, Alan Irvine, Marc
Reisman & Peter King

Calliope Concerts at Carnegie Lecture Hall 1994-95
5/20/95           Kate & Anna McGarrigle with John Benedict

19th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival 6/10-11/95
George Balderose & Hooley
Henry Shapiro & Swing Fever
Dwayne Thorpe
Coal Country Cloggers
Chismo Charles & The Mystic Knights of the Sea
Pittsburgh International Folk Theatre
Dancing Demons
Debbie McClatchy
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travellers




Calliope Concerts at Lawrenceville Library 1993-94
10/93                Joel Mabus
11/93                Bennett/Lorraine Lee Hammond
1/26/94           David Selfridge
2/6/94              Small Potatoes

Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1993-94
2/19/94           Mollie & Tim O’Brien with Leslie Smith
3/26/94           Trian with Ploughman’s Lunch
10/1/93           Tannahill Weavers
11/6/93           Sukay with Musuhallpa
1/29/94           The Savoy/Doucet Cajun Band Alan Irvine, Storyteller

Calliope Concerts at Stephen Foster Memorial Hall 1993-94
12/4/93           Dave Van Ronk & Spider John Koerner with Marc Reisman & Peter King

Calliope Concerts at Lawrenceveille Library 1993-94
1/26/94           David Selfridge
2/6/94              Small Potatoes

18th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival 5/20-22/94
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers
Tish Hinojosa
North Fork Rounders
George Balderose & Friends
Guaranteed Irish
John Benedict
The Rhythm Rats
Coal Country Cloggers
Dog Run Boys
Anne Feeney
Gary Belloma and the Blue Bombers
Square Dance–6/9/94 Kathy Henderson & Boiled Buzzards




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall
9/26/92           Allegheny River Dancers and Stephen Fadden
10/24/92        Mark O’Connor
11/21/92        The Fairfield Four
1/30/93           Michael Cooney
2/27/93           Norman and Nancy Blake
3/20/93           Magenta Music

17th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/21-23/93
The Hicks
Bryan Bowers
Oscar Brand
Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz
George Balderose, Richard Hughes, Bridgit Regan and Mary Conroy
Ernie Hawkins & Friends
Calliope Sampler: Annie Trimble & Curt Cooper, Mark Reisman, John Wilson
Irish Seisiun: Rich Withers, Charlie Anderson, Bruce Foley, Rich Moore,
Bruce Molyneaux, Dale Brubaker, Lori Cole
Leslie Smith
Pittsburgh International Folk Theatre
Margaret Christl
Coal Country Cloggers & the Hicks
The Accousticcatos
Front Street
Beaver Creek

Calliope Concerts at Lawrenceville Library 1992-93
6/16/93           Ceoltoiri




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall
9/27/91           Fiddle Fever
10/25/91        Fortaleza
11/23/91        New Lost City Ramblers
1/25/92           Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen
2/22/92           Peter Ostrouschko with Dean Magraw
3/21/92           Altan

16th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/15-17/92
Stewed Mulligan
Pete Seeger
Rande Harris
George Balderose, Richard Hughes, Mary Conroy, and Bridgit Regan
Calliope Sampler: Shape Note Singers, John Wilson, Annie Trimble, Leslie Smith
Rt. 8 Ramblers
Braddock Male Chorus
Flying Cunninghams
Guaranteed Irish and the Pittsburgh Reelers
Ernie Hawkins and Bill Weiner
Lackawanna Longnecks and the Coal Country Cloggers
African Drum & Dance Ensemble
Pittsburgh Banjo Club
Dwayne Thorpe
Anne Feeney




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1990-91
9/29/90           Sukay
10/27/90        Beausoleil
11/17/90        The Watersons
1/18/91           Seldom Scene
2/23/91           Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt
3/23/91           Patrick Street

15th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/18-19/91
Jean Ritchie
John Gorka
Saxie Williams & Dolores Heagy
George Balderose, James McIntosh, Richard Hughes, & Brigit Regan
Gregory Gladkov
Strathmon Ceildh Band
Calliope Sampler:
Tom Cunningham, Hornyak & Mercurio, Shape Note Singers, Leslie
Smith, Steely Band Rappers, Connie Rockman
Corge Batyi’s Hungarian Gypsy Band
Braddock Male Chorus
Boiled Buzzards & Coal Country Cloggers
Debbie McClatchy
Pittsburgh Irish Seisiun Musicians & Pittsburgh Reelers
Pittsburgh International Folk Theatre
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers
Common Threads




14th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/18-20/90
Tom Paxton
Front Street
George Balderose, Jimmy McIntosh & The Highland Dancers, Richard Hughes
Slim Bryant
Tracy Schwarz & Ginny Hawker
Sounds of Heritage
Coal Country Cloggers & the Lackawanna Longnecks
Michael Cooney
Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
Anne Feeney & Friends




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1988-89
10/1/88           John McCutcheon and Sally Rogers: “An American Sampler”
1/22/89           Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
2/25/89           Scartaglen
3/25/89           Boys of the Lough

Calliope Concerts at the Jewish Community Center 1988-89
10/22/88        Sukay
11/19/88        Kapelye

13th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/19-21/89
Lackawanna Longnecks & Randy Johnson
Gerry Milnes & The Stovestokers
John Hartford
Critton Hollow String Band
Cephas & Wiggins
Clear Fork
Dave Krysty & Bill Lemmons
Coal Country Cloggers
George Balderose & Beth and Bridgit Regan
Ernie Hawkins & Andy Cohen
Brown, Foley, Withers, & Shelvin
Maggie Folan & Friends
Dwayne Thorpe
African Drum and Dance Ensemble




Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1987-88
10/17/87        Fiddle Fever
1/16/88           Jean Ritchie and George Pickow
3/19/88           Mick Maloney, Jimmy Keene & Eileen Ivers

Calliope Concerts at Penn Café 1987-88
8/27/87           Scartaglen
12/5/87           Debby McClatchy
2/5/88              Rosalie Sorrels

Calliope Concerts at Graffiti 1987-88
11/12/87        Rare Air

Calliope Concerts at J. Hanna’s 1987-88
4/7/88              Benefit Concert for SCFF: Debby McClatchy & Roger Watson and Dwayne                                            Thorpe
4/24/88           Benefit Boogie for SCFF: Ernie Hawkins Blues Band

12th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/20-22/88
High Society
Beaver Creek Band
Marc Reisman & Mike Sallows
The Lackawanna Longnecks
Voices of Tabernacle
Vivien Richman & Friends of Robert Schmertz
Stand Bayou
Los Folkloristas
George Balderose with Mike Reing, Charlie Anderson, Chuck Krepley, Joe
Harris, and Highland Dancers
Richard Hughes & Sean McClorey
Ernie Hawkins, Bill Wiener, & Willy Try
Dave Krysty & Bill Lemons
Oliver Browne, Dick Withers, & Bruce Foley with The Pittsburgh Reelers
Ethel Caffie-Austin & the Community Gospel Choir
Larry Edelman and the Percolators
Miguel Sague and the Latin American Cultural Union
John Benedict & John Deleanardo
Roustabout and the Coal Country Cloggers
Anne Feeney & Friends
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers
Iron Rose Garland Dancers
Dolores Heagy
Dwayne Thorpe

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1987-88
7/27/87           Midsummer Evening of Celtic Music & Dance I:
Ian Kennedy, Hamish Moore, Richard Hughes, George Balderose, Mike Reing,                                        Charles Anderson, Joe Harris, Beth & Bridget Regan, Oliver Brown, Bruce                                         Foley, Dick Withers, Maggi Foley & Mary Flaherty
07/30/88        Midsummer’s Evening of Celtic Music and Dance II:
Hamish Moore, Sheila Stewart of Blairgownie, Jim McIntosh, The
Pittsburgh Ceilidh Band, Highland/Scottish Country Dancers
9/19/87           Sukay

4/30/88           Benefit Concert for SCFF: Reel World String Band, Children’s Concert




Calliope Concerts at Penn Café 1986-87
1/10/87           Lou Killen with Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
2/7/87              Roustabout
3/14/87           Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
5/1/87              Patrick Sky, Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
5/9/87              Critton Hollow String Band

Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1986-87
3/20/87           Boys of the Lough

Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1986-87
4/10/87           Ron Gonnella

Calliope Concerts at Benedum Auditorium 1986-87
4/25/87           Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen

Calliope Concerts at Waverly Presbyterian Church 1986-87
6/26/87           Larry Edelman & the Percolators

11th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/29-31/87
Mike and Janet Reing
John Benedict
The Percolators
High Society
Lutitia Clipper
Casey Deely
Dave Krysty
The Lackawanna Longnecks
John Patrick
Queen Anne’s Lace
Marc Reisman
Bob Shank
Temujin the Storyteller
Mike Seeger
George Balderose
Beth and Bridgit Regan & Friends
Richard Hughes and Walter Scott
Dwayne Thorpe
Oliver Brown
Dick Withers
The Pittsburgh Reelers
Ethel Caffie-Austin
St. Benedict the Moor Gospel Choir
Big Possum String Band
John Jackson
Coal Country Cloggers
Anne Feeney & D.C. Fitzgerald
The Short Crick Flat-Pickers
Dolores Heagy
Jay Breckenridge
Iron Rose Garland Dancers




Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1985-86
10/5/85           The Stewarts of Blair and Kevin Burke & Gerry O’Beirne

Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1985-86
9/5/85              The Stewarts of Blair
10/23/85        Sally Rogers
11/7/85           Ernie Hawkins and Lou & Peter Berryman
11/23/85        Thompkins County Horseflies
12/7/85           Leftwich, Higginbotham, & Jackson
1/18/86           Dave Holt & Susie Crate
2/5/86              Paddy O’Brien & Daithi Sproule
2/20/86           Mic Maloney, Jimmy Keane, & Robbie O’Connell
3/1/86              Critton Hollow
3/7/86              Tracy Schwarz
4/5/86              Sally Rogers
8/6/86              Ian Kennedy with Mary Kennedy

Calliope Concerts at Graffiti 1985-86
4/12/86           Rare Air at Graffiti

10th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/30-6/1/86
High Society
Stewed Mulligan
The Percolators
Jan Boyd and Dave McLaughlin
Dave Cook and Mark Tamsula
Four Flying Feet
Dolores Heagy
The Olde Favorite String Band
Mark Reisman
Bob Shank
Hot Rize
Robin & Linda Williams
George Balderose & Scottish Dancers
Dave Krysty
Queen Anne’s Lace
Dwayne Thorpe
Oliver Browne, Bruce Foley, and Dick Withers
The Pittsburgh Reelers
Mike and Janet Reing
Anne Feeny and D.C. Fitzgerald
The Coal Country Cloggers
Richard Hughes and Walter Scott
Ernie Hawkins, Bill Weiner, and L.E. McCullough
The Dog Run Boys
The Iron City Morris Team
John Benedict
Eric the Juggler




Calliope Concerts at Stephen Foster Memorial Theatre 1984-85
9/15/84           Bodie Wagner and the Double Decker String Band

Calliope Concerts at Graffiti 1984-85
9/22/84           Bruce Foley & Oliver Brown with Irish Step Dancers (in place of Kevin Burke                                     and Gerry O’Beirne)
10/19/84        Debbie McClatchy
11/2/84           Ewan MacColl, Calum MacColl, and Peggy Seeger
11/14/84        Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band
7/13/85           Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band

Calliope Concerts at Benedum Hall 1984-85
9/28/84           Storytelling Workshop/Concert, co-sponsored with Storytellers Guild of

Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1984-85
Michael Parent, Temujin Ekunfeo, Dave Krysty, Connie Rockman
10/6/84           Thompson County Horseflies
12/15/84        Dave Holt and Burr Beard
1/26/85           Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
2/9/85              James McIntosh
4/27/85           Mike Kline & Gerry Milnes
8/10/85           Ian Kennedy with Mary Kennedy

Calliope Concerts at Synod Hall 1984-85
3/2/85              Si Kahn

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1984-85
3/30/85           John McCutcheon
6/27/85           Libana

9th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–5/31-6/2/85
Appalachian Folk Cure
Sylvan & Lester Hare
George Balderose & Scottish Dancers
Gary Crough & Bernie Schneider
Queen Anne’s Lace
Bruce Foley & Oliver Brown
The Pittsburgh Reelers
Mike and Janet Reing
The Moonshine Dreamers
Dave Krysty
The Florida Blues Band & The Coal Country Cloggers
Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
Ernie Hawkins and the Blue Beets
Mac Martin and the Dixie Travellers
Whiskey on Tap
Smoky City Syncopators
Jim Bryner with Harmon Morgan
James McIntosh
Mick Moloney, Liz Carroll & Jimmy Keane




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1983-84
9/28/83           Sandy Bradley-Smallwinder (?)
10/2/83           James McIntosh
11/8/83           Dick Gaughan
1/14/84           Saul Brody
2/11/84           Leftwich, Higgenbothan & Richie
2/25/84           Guy & Candie Carawan / Carawan Children’s Concert
3/4/84              Mary McCaslin & JIm Ringer
3/31/84           Fred Armstrong Park (Concert of Stories & Music)
4/7/84              Red Rose Flyers
6/23/84           Moonshine Dreamers

Calliope Concerts at Graffiti 1983-84
7/26/84           Red Clay Ramblers

Calliope Concerts at Wilkinsburg YMCA 1983-84
4/18/84           Benefit Square Dance

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium 1983-84
5/10/84           Marlin Whitaker & Ron Buchanan with the Smoky City Benefit Band
Benefit Event
John McCutcheon
7/10/84           Green Mountain Crossing

8th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 6/1-3, 1984
Dolores Heagy
The Celtones
Paul Jay and Bob Hutchinson
George Balderose and Scottish Dancers
Dwayne Thorpe
Debbie McClatchy
The Moonshine Dreamers
Richard Hughes and Walter Scott
Bruce Foley and Oliver Brown
The All Pittsburgh Irish Step Dancers & the Blarney Stone Dancers
Dave Krysty
The Coal Country Cloggers & The Deer Creek String Band
Anne Feeney & Bryan Rubican
The Ernie Hawkins Band
The Dog Run Boys




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1982-83
9/15/82           Easy Street String Band
10/3/82           Rick & Lorraine Lee
10/16/82        Johnny Cunningham
11/13/82        Bill & Carlotta Wellington
11/4/82           Margaret MacArthur
11/13/82        Critton Hollow String Band
11/24/82        Michael Coney
12/4/82           Brad Leftwich & Linda Higgenbotham
12/14/82        Malcolm Dalglish-Gerry Larsen Band
1/22/83           John Roberts & Tony Barrand
3/12/83           Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
4/9/83              Red Rose Flyers
5/14/83           Mike Kline & Gerry Milnes

Benefit Concert for the Smoky City Folk Festival: Dwaye Thorpe & the Moonshine

Calliope Concerts at Central Catholic 1982-83
2/26/83           Boys of the Lough
3/31/83           Battlefield Band

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1982-83
4/30/83           Dreamers with Irish Step Dancers

7th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 6/3-5/83
Hot Mud Family
Debbie McClatchy
Queen Ann’s Lace
Mike Reing
Paul Jay and Bob Hutchinson
Bill and Marlene Vrscak
Gary Crouth and Bernie Schneider
George Balderose and Scottish Dancers
Richard Hughes and Walter Scott
Swinging on the Gate
Tom Hoffman
Bruce Foley and Irish Step Dancers
Moonshine Dreamers
Dwayne Thorpe
Rhythm Gorillas and Coal Country Cloggers
Ernie Hawkins and the Blue Beets
Dog Run Boys
Connie Rockman
Iron City Morris Team




Calliope Concerts at Portfolio 1981-82
9/2/81              Battlefield Band
12/22/81        Sara Grey, Ellie Ellis, Richard Hughes, Walter Scott
1/16/82           Cathy Fink, Marty Somberg, Laurie Anders, Kate Charles

Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1981-82
9/19/81           Mike Kline & Gerry Milnes
10/4/81           Leo Kretzner
10/16/81 (?) Debbie McClatchy
11/15/81        Sandy Bradley & Small Wonder String Band
12/12/81        Guy Carawan
12/19/81        Michael Kline
1/9/82              Dog Run Boys
2/6/82              Red Rose Flyers
3/12/82           The Hot Mud Family
2/26/82           Benefit Square Dance
Larry Edelman & Deer Creek

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1981-82
11/22/81        Jeannette Carter & John McCutcheon
12/5/81           Last Night’s Fun

6th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 6/18-20/82
George Balderose & Scottish Dancers
Sean McClorey
Rural Valley Revelers
Three Rivers Morris Dance Team
Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
Ernie Hawkins & Friends
The Hale Family
Dwayne Thorpe
Swinging on the Gate
Deer Creek String Band
Coal Country Cloggers

Calliope House Music Arts Workshop–7/11-17/82 Performance Schedule:
7/12                  Richard Hughes, Walter Scott, Andy Cohen, Joe la Rose, & Ernie Hawkins;
Larry Edelman; L.E. McCullough; George Arata
7/13                  Dwayne Thorpe; Lorraine Duisit; Chicago Barn Dance Company & Coal
Country Cloggers
7/14                  George Balderose & Tony DeMarco; Brendan Mulvihill; Tim Britton &
7/15                  Frank George, Bob Hutchinson, Moonshine Dreamers
7/16                  Paul Molans; Randy Johnson & Mike Reing; Dog Run Boys




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1980-81
8/2/80              Fred & Jenny Armstrong-Park
8/16/80           Mike Kline
9/12/80           Tracy’s Family Band
9/26/80           Andy Cohen & Joe LaRose
10/18/80        Joseph C. Hickerson
11/9/80           Tom Paley
11/22/80        Bob Shank
12/13/80        Louis Killen
1/24/81           The Rebel Yellers
2/13/81           Helen Schneyer
2/22/81           Ernie Hawkins, Bill Weiner, Larry McCullough
3/5/81              Michael Cooney
3/20/81           Hurricane Ridgerunners
4/2/81              John McCutcheon
4/11/81           Sam & Carrie Rizzetta, Blackie Cool & Woody Simmons
4/18/81           Mark Gilston
5/16/81           David Jones

Calliope Concerts at Frick Fine Arts 1980-81
3/29/81           Maggi Peirce; Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
4/17/81           Debby McClatchy, Malcolm Dalgish & Grey Larsen, Bob Carlin

Calliope Concerts at Chatham College 1980-81
11/14/80        Kevin Bourke & Michael O’Domhnaill and Malcolm Dalglish & Grey Larsen
2/11/81           Trapezoid

Calliope Concerts at Third Presbyterian Church 1980-81
3/6/81              SCFF Benefit Square Dance, featuring Swinging on the Gate and the Rural                                  Valley Revellers
4/24/81           SCFF Benefit Square Dance, featuring Devilish Merry
5/15/81           SCFF Benefit Square Dance, featuring the Deer Creek String Band

5th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 5/29-31/81
The Hale Family
Fire Valley Faction
Dwayne Thorpe
Swinging on the Gate
Connie Rockman
Ernie Hawkins and Friends
Debby McClatchy
Bethlehem Temple Radio Choir
Rural Valley Revellers
Coal Country Cloggers
Richard Hughes and Walter Scott
Deer Creek String Band
Dog Run Boys




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1979-80
6/28/80           Martin Carthy
7/9/80              Madaline MacNeil & John Molineux
9/15/79           Joe Hickerson
10/6/79           Mike Kline
10/14/79        Trapezoid
10/21/79        Devilish Merry
11/1/79           Paul Geremia
11/4/79           Debby McClatchy
12/17/79        Lou Killen
1/11/80           Malcolm Dalglish and Grey Larsen and Ted Bogan and the Armstrongs
1/25/80           Margaret MacArthur
2/16/80           James McIntosh
2/21/80           Don Smith
3/15/80           Ron Wathen, Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
3/28/80           John Roberts
4/11/80           Boys of the Lough
4/25/80           John McCutcheon
4/27/80           Benefit Square Dance
Dwayne Thorpe & Devilish Merry
5/16/80           Norman and Nancy Blake and James Bryan

4th Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 5/30-6/1/80
George Balderose & Thomson Highland Dancers
Dwayne Thorpe
Devilish Merry & Irish Step Dancers
Mike Reing
Connie Rockman & Margaret Mary Kimmel
Three Rivers Morris Dance Team
Rural Valley Revellers
Ernie Hawkins
Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
Swinging on a Gate & Coal Country Cloggers




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1978-79
10/1/78           David Jones
10/15/78        Debby McClatchy
10/22/78        Allan Block
11/9/78           Alistair Anderson
12/3/78           Malcolm Dalgish & Greg Larsen
12/10/78        Pop Wagner
1/21/79           Critton Hollow
2/11/79           Delaware Water Gap
3/3/79              Trapezoid
3/9/79              Tracy & Eloise Schwartz
3/17/79           Maggi Peirce, Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
4/1/79              Rick & Lorraine Lee
4/12/79           Arm & Hammer String Band
4/22/79           Knock na Shee
5/7/79              Joe & Antoinette McKenna
5/19/79           Dwayne Thorpe
7/26/79           Gypsy Gyppo String Band

Calliope Concerts at Duquesne University Student Union Ballroom 1978-79
2/25/79           Margaret MacArthur, Cork Lickers, and Louisiana Aces

3rd Annual Smoky City Folk Festival, 7/14-15/79
George Balderose &Thompson Highland dancers
David Liden & Martha Owen
Mike Reing
Devilish Merry
Richard Hughes
Irish Step Dancing
Swinging on a Gate & Coal Country Cloggers
Dog Run Boys
Three Rivers Morris Team
Ernie Hawkins
Soap Creek




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1977-78
10/7/77           Friends of Bob Schmertz
10/14/77        Tracy & Eloise Schwarz
10/30/77        Malcolm Dalglish & Grey Larson
11/6/77           The Flying Cloud
11/28/77        Joe Heany
12/9/77           Donald Lindsay, Norman MacLeod, the Erskine Highlanders
12/18/77        Eric Schoenberg
2/5/78              David Brody
2/9/78              Margaret MacArthur
2/19/78           Joe Hickerson
2/25/78           John Roberts
3/9/78              Trapezoid
3/17/78           Richard Hughes & Walter Scott; Maggi Peirce
4/1/78              Gary Carawan
4/9/78              Olla Belle Reed
4/16/78           Arm & Hammer String Band
4/22/78           Larry McCullough & Folktellers
4/29/78           D. Lindsay, M. Cushing, A. Fitzgerald (Scottish-Celtic)
5/7/78              Wry Steam
5/20/78           Dwayne Thorpe

Benefit Concert for Pittsburgh Folk Arts Cooperative and Calliope House–2/17/78
At Carnegie Lecture Hall : Alice Gerrard, Mick Maloney and Eugene O’Donnell, Red Clay Ramblers

2nd Annual Smoky City Folk Festival–6/10-11/78
Richard Hughes
Dwayne Thorpe
Jim Coor
Hutch and Connie
Devilish Merry
George Balderose
Thompson Highland Dancers
David Liden
Steel City Bluegrass Band
Ron Buchanan




Calliope Concerts at Calliope House 1976-77
10/24/76        Debby McClatchy
11/4/76           Margaret MacArthur
11/13/76        Donald Lindsay, Norman MacLeod, The Erskine Highlanders

11/19/76        Guy Carawan
2/13/77           Joel and Kathy Shimberg
2/20/77           Debbie McClatchy
2/27/77           Tracy Schwarz
3/6/77              Priscilla Herdman
3/17/77           Richard Hughes & Walter Scott
4/1/77              Dwayne Thorpe
4/11/77           Delaware Water Gap
4/17/77           Lou Killan
4/25/77           John McCutcheon


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