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Fiddle I: Repertoire

This class is mainly suited for students who have completed the 8-week course Fiddle I (please see the description for this course), but could be suitable for someone who has recently begun to learn the fiddle. As previously mentioned, Fiddle I started from scratch and covered the very basics of handling the instrument, coordinating the bow with the rhythmic shuffle action, and getting familiar with the layout of the fingerboard by learning eight basic tunes in the key of D, in the Old Time Appalachian style. The coordination required to handle the bow well takes a long time. Fiddle I Repertoire will spend more time with the skills acquired in Fiddle I by presenting more tunes in the key of D.

While emphasis is placed on learning by ear rather than reading music, students are encouraged to identify the notes being played by name ( D, E, F#,.. etc. ) This becomes an increasingly important part of managing a sizable class and communicating the lessons effectively. Admittedly, learning the notes by name is not for everyone, the instructor will do his best to accommodate all.

The instructor provides sample recordings of the tunes covered in class; these are downloadable in mp3 format. Students are welcome to use their own recording methods during class.

Note to violinists: Often students with many years of violin training are interested in learning the subtleties of the fiddling style and wish to join these classes. I welcome the participation, but I will always maintain a pace that suits the beginners who may have only just started.

Level: Very new to instrument, with a few months of experience and some tunes in the key of D. Best preparation is to take Fiddle I.

If you have further questions about the course please contact Mark at

*Class is located inside Mellon Hall, Anderson Dining Hall and Snack Bar, Woodland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.

*No class on March 7

Refunds, Pro-rates and Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be issued if Calliope cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment. If that happens, you will be notified in advance and will receive a refund or credit within 30 days from the start of class. No refunds will be given to those who cancel their registration within 2 days before a class starts or after class begins. Classes may not be pro-rated; please plan accordingly. Confirmations will be sent approximately a week before a class starts via email (please specify if you prefer to be contacted by phone).

Class Dates

February 7, 2023 - March 14, 2023


Tuesdays, 6:30-7:45 PM


Mark Tamsula

Mark Tamsula plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin in the Old Time Country style and knows more than 700 tunes and songs, including a repertoire of music specific to the SW Pennsylvania region. Mark has been performing and teaching ... more


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Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232