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Beginning Old Time Jam

No class on April 22.

If you can already play some tunes on the guitar, banjo, fiddle, or mandolin and are interested in playing some old-time tunes with other people but aren’t quite sure that you are ready to jump into a community or festival jam session yet, then this class may be for you. The primary activity in this class will be the communal playing of common old-time session tunes slowly and at a more moderate pace. Although not an instructional course per se, participants will learn some tunes by ear, be provided with the appropriate chords for accompaniment, and be introduced to the rhythms, nuances, and elements of style that make up the specific genre we call “Old Time Music.” Members of the class will learn “session etiquette” and what works and doesn’t work in an Old Time Jam Session. We will focus on the keys of D, G, and A.

Prerequisite: Participants should be able to play at least five simple tunes by ear, however slowly, and continuously (from the beginning to the end of the tune without stopping). The above-noted instruments are welcome. Please check with the instructors if you want to bring a different instrument.

Instructors can be reached at:

Classes are now being held at Winchester Thurston in Shadyside.

Your PayPal payment serves as your registration. You will be contacted with more information about the class closer to the start date.

Refunds, Pro-rates and Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be issued if Calliope cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment. If that happens, you will be notified in advance and will receive a refund or credit within 30 days from the start of class. No refunds will be given to those who cancel their registration within 2 days before a class starts or after class begins. Classes may not be pro-rated; please plan accordingly. Confirmations will be sent approximately a week before a class starts via email (please specify if you prefer to be contacted by phone).

Class Dates

March 18, 2024 - May 13, 2024


Mondays, 8:00 - 9:15 PM


Janet Reing
Janet Reing plays banjo, hammered dulcimer, and guitar. She has been a part of the Pittsburgh folk music community since the 1970s and has been playing, performing, and teaching folk music in the Pittsburgh area for over forty years. She was a founding me... more

Mike Reing
Mike Reing has been active in the Pittsburgh folk music scene for over forty years. He was the old time banjo teacher for the legendary Music Emporium when it was located in Pittsburgh and has taught old time fiddle and banjo and several styles of guitar ... more


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